Creativity and Innovation As a Competency

The S.C.R.E.A.M technique can help you to direct your company to think of innovative solutions which will work efficiently and productively. Provided that you’re in a leadership position you may need S.C.R.E.A.M to get to the root of the issue quickly and locate any ways and means to solve that issue.

To be creative and innovative the This can be anything ranging from the customer relationship management, new procedures, and new solutions, improving your workflow, developing new products or improving the quality of your existing product. The list isn’t exhaustive.

Once In doing this you need to think of an action plan on how you’re going to begin innovating. You’ll need to study your current situation and do some forward thinking to find out in what direction you need to go. You’ll need to gather relevant data which will eventually permit you to think of a workable solution. As soon as you’ve done this you want to implement the solution to find out if it works and if necessary rework the idea.

To aid you in this procedure S.C.R.E.A.M is an perfect tool. That is exactly what you can do:

Substitute your present situation with Something Different

During substitution you can find chances to Think of new Ideas and to determine what works and if there’s a more efficient system. Before there were some babies that are born with a rare condition of lactose intolerance. This means they’re not able to drink milk since these babies don’t produce the enzyme lactase which will help break down the protein in milk that is their sole source of nutrient in their formative year. Through medical breakthrough nutritionist could come up with a substitute soymilk for infants with fortified vitamin and other components that give these babies a fighting chance at survival.

Combine your thoughts with other ideas
This is where you will need to find the need to unite your thought with someone else to see if you can come up with something unique and workable. Consider shampoo and conditioner. Two distinct products and through combination there’s now conditioning shampoo. Further blend of adding certain sort of essential oil to such shampoos and currently there are shampoos for a variety of sorts of hair type.

Innovative solutions occasionally can come about through Placing the Henry Ford asked a very simple question of what if rather than the employee having to go to his job, the job comes to him instead. With a little bit of strategic thinking Ford created the idea of production line where every employee stand from the conveyor belt and the job comes to him instead.

Ermal Fraze wondered if there is a better way to start the Can rather than using the can opener. What is going to happen if the can opener has been removed? Ask yourself if there are protocols, features and other unnecessary things that you’re doing that if those were to be removed will make you more effective, efficient and effective without compromising the quality, security, health, ethical and legal issues.

Adapt and Modify

And finding an effective and workable solution. By modifying key Elements to a product it will become possible to think of new ideas in different industry. Guglielmo Marconi intention was to market the Not always be used for communicating with ships just but it could Be used for broadcasting audio.


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